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WOOVVE® is a specialised directory, we only list 100% vegetarian specialist organisations, with Vegan, Organic and Eco businesses. Everyone that lists with us must be 100% fully vegetarian 

WOOVVE® has been designed to help vegetarians, vegans and eco conscious individuals who want to shop ethically and organically. Helping you to find and support organisations who live by the same principles and to help those organisations find customers.


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What people say

  • Wendy Parkinson – Liverpool, UKWOOVVE has taken that stress away

    “As a new Vegetarian, it's quite difficult looking for products you are used to buying but not knowing if they are vegetarian or tested on animals. I would spend hours trying to research brands I can trust, but WOOVVE has taken that stress away, now I can easily look through lots of different businesses and products without thinking 'Can I buy this?' Thanks so much WOOVVE for making these choices a little easier!"

  • Michael Hill – Glasgow, UKTotally recommend WOOVVE.

    "Not being vegetarian or vegan but a eco conscious buyer it has given me the opportunity to find amazing new business and brands all on one website. Beautifully designed and an easy to use website with 300+ ethical, organic, eco, vegetarian and vegan brands. Hundreds of products and growing everyday. Totally recommend WOOVVE as you can find everything you need from clothes to holidays to food.”

  • JennyRock Chocs

    Peter at WOOVVE is very passionate about every business that joins directory so that more people know about your business. It is a great way to advertise your business and is vey affordable with a yearly cost which saves a lot of money or you can choose to join and pay monthly. Definitely worth joining.

  • Rachael Hughes – London, UKMakes shopping for vegan things really easy.

    “As a Vegan I’m able to see lots of vegan businesses and brands superfast and easily. I’ve got loads of new favourites now and makes shopping for vegan things really easy! Thanks WOOVVE."

  • Madelaine LazagaMacarons By Madelaine

    Such an amazing company to work with. I decided to join this business as I knew they would care about my products and brand and would help me elevate it and reach more customers. I’ve been so busy and Peter has been so patient with me. There was no pressure added as he understood why there was such a delay. I have nothing but amazing feedback for them and I would highly recommend any small business owner to join them if they could. I’m excited to see what the future holds

  • Joey Ellis – Manchester, UKThanks WOOVVE for helping a healthy organic lifestyle

    “I love organic products, I like to know the products I buy are not made without harmful chemicals or produced the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Finding organic businesses and products online can be hard work, with WOOVVE they are all listed under one site which saves me so much time, thanks WOOVVE for helping a healthy organic lifestyle easier."

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