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Cambridge University students vote for completely vegan menus

Students at the University of Cambridge have casted a ballot for an exclusive vegan menu across its catering administrations.

The Cambridge students’ association decided on Monday to hold discussions eliminating all animal items from its bistros and canteens within the catering services.

In any case, the move doesn’t ensure that Cambridge’s catering administrations will go completely vegan, as that power lies with the university. It additionally doesn’t make a difference to the universities 31 colleges, albeit the mission said it gave “a very impressive command for universities to start changing to 100 percent plant-based menus”.

The gathering’s movement, which calls for change from the reaction to “environment and biodiversity emergencies”, 72% voted for the change following a four-week consultation process. It comes in the wake of campaigning from Cambridge’s Plant-Based Universities crusade, which is supported by Animal Rebellion.

By eliminating animal products from its menus, the University could fundamentally diminish its environmental footprint.

The cooking administrations has previously taken significant steps, for instance in 2016 when it eliminated cows and sheep from every one of its menus.

The Plant-Based Universities crusade is a cross country drive of students who are pushing for their universities and understudy associations to take on completely plant-based catering, and has branch-offs at in excess of 40 institutions.

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