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How to claim a listing

Do you charge a fee for a listing?

No, however we do have upgrades – please see add a listing.
WOOVVE® was founded to assist vegetarians, vegans, eco conscious individuals, travellers, and people everywhere. There is NO charge for listings. Anyone can submit a listing, and we highly encourage all visitors to add any vegetarian/vegan-friendly business that might not already be listed on this website.

I submitted a listing few days ago, and it has not appeared on your website. When will you list it?

Listings get submitted for approval and added depending on a few factors: the type of business and our time availability and whether your business meets our requirements or not. We aim to approve and list on website within 7 days.

How do I update on my listing with WOOVVE®?

Please find your listing using ‘Search by Keyword’ and then click on the pen icon to edit your listing. You will be asked to login to your account.

Can I add a review as a Guest?

In order to ensure the quality of reviews and allow for greater accountability you need to be logged in to write a review.

You can create a FREE account by registering HERE.

I added a review, when will it be posted?

When approved by the Admin.

Why was my review removed or deleted?

Maybe one of several reason such as out-of-date content, profanity, personal attacks, tedious fights with restaurant, etc…

How can a business owner respond to a user review?

If you are the manager or owner of a business that is listed on WOOVVE®, please feel free to respond to any reviews about your listing using the RESPOND link found on the review page for your listing.

What is the criteria for categorising businesses?

WOOVVE® listings must be 100% Vegetarian, with 3 other categories on offer.

* Vegan

* Eco

* Organic

We do not consider any business that are not 100% Vegetarian.

Points to be aware of – 
We ask businesses to verify if their business is 100% vegetarian, there is always the risk of animal derived ingredients ending up in products. We ask businesses to check all ingredients in products to verify this. WOOVVE® cannot check all products or services and work on the good faith and trust of the business that list with us. If in doubt the customer should always check direct with business they purchase from.

Please follow the link  or contact us to advertise with WOOVVE®.

There are many ways you can help us.

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  3. Suggest a business. If you know of or discover any business that fits our listing criteria please get in touch with us and tell us about it. Use the button below.

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If you still have issues please use the contact us button below and let us know.

We work with companies in-line with our values to offer vegetarian and vegan products to our customers. By making purchases we might get a small commission paid which helps us to grow and maintain the website.

At the moment all products in our shop are provided by our affiliate partners. We are not responsible for any issues relating to the products such as delivery, availability, returns etc.

If you cannot find an answer to what you were looking for, just let us know and we will help you.