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My Story

NAHDEE’S Spicy Marinade Paste is made from an authentic Sierra  Leonean recipe is a certified vegan product from the Vegan Society and  It is gluten free.  

With NAHDEE’S you can provide authentic food that is healthy, tasty and simple and for your family to enjoy. It all started  in my small kitchen but as it gained popularity I realised I could not do it alone.  I now work with an artisan food manufacturer. This means I have more time for the family.

NAHDEE  means ‘my mum’ in Kroo. I am a proud Sierra Leonean from the Kroo tribe  in Freetown. Kroo people are known for their love of spicy food. It  doesn’t matter if it is sweet or savoury; a Kroo woman will always add  hot spices to her food.  

For me, NAHDEE is my  grandmother; I lost my mother when I was 10 years old during the civil  war in Liberia. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has always  supported me. She is an octogenarian who suffers from diabetes.  Creating a range of product that is marinades gluten free is important to me. She  loves the delicious peppered prawns I make with NAHDEE’S Spicy Marinade  Paste. It gives me pleasure to know that she is eating gluten free  products to help with her diabetes.  

The logo is a  cartoonised image of my children and me. I want to thank God for  allowing me to be their NAHDEE. The brand would have never flourished if  it weren’t for their constant (sometimes unwanted) nagging for me to  make tasty authentic food for them. 

NAHDEE’S product is a range you can trust for food and drink.

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