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Sugar Noms

5b Station Road, Redcar, UK, United Kingdom ts101ah

Hi, We're Kay and Marc, the couple behind Sugar Noms!

We're both passionately vegan and have been for many years.  We are vegan for the animals not so much for health - hence the sweet and chocolate obsession!

So why did we start Sugar Noms?

We're really passionate about us vegans enjoying life!

We believe that we shouldn't have to miss out on treats and fun just because we're choosing to live a life less cruel - we shouldn't have to compromise or miss out on anything!

This goes for veggies and allergy sufferers too!

We do all the label checking, contacting manufacturers and working out what's really behind those 'flavourings' and 'e numbers' that often hide animal ingredients.

We offer our customers total peace of mind and stress free shopping!

We also see Sugar Noms as a subtle bit of what we like to call 'SNACKTIVISM' - showing omnivores, flexitarians and die hard meat lovers (we were once this too!!) that they don't have to miss out when choosing a cruelty free, ethical and eco-lifestyle.  We're proud to say we've helped lots of people go vegan!


We can send sweets and treats all over the UK via Royal Mail and DPD or you can visit us to shop instore in Redcar, (North East England) where we also sell ice cream, bakery items and lots more right by the seaside.

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